Thank you for your interest in the Manalapan Youth Lacrosse Club's summer 2015 session. Here are a list of some commonly asked questions and the responses:

My child goes to summer camp during the weekday, will this interfere with the lacrosse session?

  • No, the summer 2015 session will be an 8-week summer season that will not be held during the workday. Practices will be 1 night during the week for an hour and a half and there will probably also be a 1-hour lacrosse session on the weekend for specific position training and scrimmages. Days and times are not yet determined and will be based on enrollment numbers and field availability.

What does my $150 registration fee pay for?

  • The registration fee pays for your US Lacrosse membership, an MYLC reversible jersey, fields, coaches, and all other costs associated with running the MYLC. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization so the founders of the MYLC club do not make a profit on the proceeds from the club. Any and all excess funds are either re-invested into the MYLC, used to offset future costs or any other uses permitted by the Internal Revenue Code.

Does my child need to be a member of US Lacrosse?

  • Yes, all players have to be a member of US Lacrosse. But, by registering for the Summer 2015 Session of the MYLC, you will automatically be registered as a member of the MYLC group under US Lacrosse. $25 of your $150 registration fee will be paid by the MYLC to US Lacrosse on your behalf. By being a US Lacrosse member, your child will be covered under their insurance policy and will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the sport and give you and your child other lacrosse related benefits.  

My child has never played lacrosse before, is this clinic appropriate?

  • Yes, the MYLC has been organized to help bring the sport of lacrosse to the town of Manalapan and to introduce the sport to all kids in the town. We expect that the experience level will vary and we will  focus our coaching skills and drills accordingly. Our coaches are all very experienced in dealing with all skill levels and will be able to coach to each child's skill level.

How do you group kids together?

  • First, the girls and boys will be separate. Then, we will group the kids according to age. Depending on the enrollment numbers, we will probably group K-2, 3/4 graders and then 5/6/7 graders as 3 separate groups. There will be some times that all kids will be together for instructions or warm-ups and then we will break apart for drills based on age and/or skill level. 

​Are there opportunities for kids that are more advanced or want to play more competitively?

  • Yes, all children develop at different rates. The children that demonstrate advanced skills and have an interest in playing more competitively, we expect that we will be putting together travel/elite teams to practice more and play better competition. 

My child likes the sport but has not picked it up as fast as he would have liked. What can i do? 

  • First, I would encourage the child to continue to work at the skills necessary to  be a good lacrosse player (i.e. passing, catching, cradling, ground balls, etc.) by playing wall ball, having a catch with friends or by spending time practicing by themselves. If the child wants more instruction than we are offering, we can set up private lessons with one or more of our coaches or refer you to someone that could work with your child on a one on one basis.

What are the equipment requirements?

  • Boys - stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, mouth guard, athletic supporter, and cleats. 

  • Girls - stick, goggles, hand gloves (not required) and cleats.

What happens if my child does not have the required equipment?

  • Specifically, related to boys, if your child does not have equipment then they will not be able to participate in many of the drills. We understand that the initial cost of the equipment can be expensive but there are ways to minimize the cost. We plan to partner with a lacrosse company that will offer a "starter" kit for new players. We will provide more information about this as the summer session gets underway. There are also opportunities to get used equipment from places like Play-it-Again Sports.